Educational Opportunities

Empowerment. Encouragement. Recognition.

The Navy SEAL Foundation empowers active-duty NSW personnel, their spouses, and children, as well as our SEAL and SWCC post-9/11 veterans, by awarding scholarships for higher education and providing tuition assistance for enlisted active-duty personnel. We also support quality education options for dependent children in geographically separated duty locations where choices matter to the overall success of the student. Additionally, the Foundation provides funding for standardized college entrance exams for qualified transitioning NSW service members.

The educational support we provide augments funding accessible through Navy programs and provides additional financial resources that would not otherwise be available. Your support of our mission helps to ensure members of the NSW community can pursue educational goals that are as crucial in the military as they are in the civilian world.

Test Preparation Assistance


The Navy SEAL Foundation provides college test preparation assistance to qualified applicants. Through this program, NSW service members in transition are eligible for reimbursement up to $300 in test preparation costs by the Navy SEAL Foundation. For active-duty service members in transition, the Navy SEAL Foundation also provides financial assistance with graduate school test preparation for tests such as the GRE/MCAT/LSAT/GMAT. For graduate level test preparation assistance, the Navy SEAL Foundation will reimburse up to $300 for transitioning active-duty services members taking these graduate school test prep courses.

Enlisted Active-Duty Tuition Assistance


The Navy SEAL Foundation is pleased to support enlisted (E6 & below) Active Duty service members pursuing their college education. Enlisted personnel will be reimbursed up to $100 for each 3-credit hour class only. Service members are required to submit receipts showing the amount spent for books and other college fees associated with the classes (excluding tuition), as well as their transcript to demonstrate competition of the applicable courses. Submissions must be received within 60 days of completion of the class.

Scholarship Opportunities


The Navy SEAL Foundation is pleased to offer scholarship opportunities to NSW active duty service members, their spouses and dependent children, children of qualifying former NSW service members, as well as our SEAL and SWCC post-9/11 veterans. These scholarships are provided as an effort to bridge the gap between a desired level of education and the current level of education of NSW service members. The scholarship opportunities include one to four year grants for education, vocational, certificate and leadership programs. The educational scholarships are to post-secondary programs, such as Bachelors or Associates Degrees, and also include graduate degree scholarship opportunities for qualifying applicants.

Remote Location Grants


Many times NSW families stationed in remote areas are faced with limited choices and opportunities in regards to their children’s education due to location. The Navy SEAL Foundation offers grants to support these families’ educational needs. Families with children ages 5-18 are eligible to apply for assistance with private school tuition OR with supplemental tutoring expenses.