Our Support

Areas of Support

Educational Opportunities

Education is an integral part of an empowered life and the Navy SEAL Foundation is honored to support the educational pursuits of the NSW community.

Legacy Preservation

The warriors of the NSW community deserve to be remembered and recognized for their contributions in defense of America’s freedom. We are honored to preserve their history.

Tragedy Assistance

We provide a range of programs and services to those warriors and families who have sustained injuries, illnesses or catastrophic loss. It is our mission to help in their time of need.

Veteran Support

We are honored to support post 9-11 SEAL and SWCC Veterans through a responsive and personalized approach to care.

Warrior & Family Support

Our warrior and family support programs ensure the NSW community has the support it needs in times of achievement and in times of adversity.

Warrior Transition

Transition can be challenging. The Navy SEAL Foundation provides opportunities and connection points for the NSW community, illuminating the path to a post-service career.