Warrior & Family Support

Strength. Resiliency. Peace of Mind.

Ensuring the Naval Special Warfare community and its families have the support they need in times of achievement and adversity is of the utmost importance to the Foundation. Our warrior and family support programs include resiliency and morale-building events, pre- and post-deployment dinners and reintegration events, summer camps for children, command all-calls, graduations, family days, holiday celebrations and much more. The Foundation has also partnered with world-class academic institutes and other non-profits to assist NSW combat veterans and their families’ transition as they exit the military and begin a new chapter of their lives.

How We Help


  • Active Duty Wounded Support
  • Active Duty Illness/Injury Support
  • Active Duty Family Illness/Injury Support
  • Psychological Wellness Support
  • Pre and Post-Deployment Resiliency Events
  • Respite Childcare
  • Physical Health and Wellness Support
  • Family Readiness Grants
  • NSW Family Support Event Grants
  • Geographically Separated Duty Station Support
  • SEAL/SWCC Graduation Support
  • Sailor of the Year Awards
  • NSW Children and Teen Camps and Seasonal Events
  • Transition Support
  • Command Support
  • Ombudsman Conferences
  • Holiday Assistance